Stress Management

We can tell by just looking at the faces of the people around us that stress is taking a toll on so many of our lives. Stress management involves retaking control of our lives and living life the way that we want. But stress management involves more than simply managing you stress for one or more occasions. It involves a lifestyle change – and that’s the main motivation behind this site.

The average American is under so much stress today – monetary stress, fear of crime stress, family stress. With the day-to-day activities that we do for our jobs, families, friends, co-workers, and so much more that we have to deal with, we sometimes find that we barely have time for ourselves to just sit back and relax. And because of all this, we get stressed out and just wish that the day were over. But, we have to deal with it because it is a part of modern life and we are living in a modern world.

Stress affects our health. The hypertension stats among Americans of all age groups are through the roof. Stress affects health. Even our kids are suffering from an obesity pandemic.

Stress management involves learning how to lessen our levels of stress. But it also is about learning to refocus that stress and making it work for us instead of against us.

There are a number of things we can do to take control of stress and as the weeks go by we’ll be touching on all of them. We’ll see how hypnotism is used to relax your body and mind. We’ll take a look at what drugs are effective and also which ones are ok to use and which ones have bad track records. Post traumatic stress can be life altering. We’ll look at the causes and examine how people are coping with it. Is aromatherapy good for stress. Some people swear by it. We’ll tell you what the experts say.

We’ll also look at how other cultures cope with stress. Many eastern cultures rely on meditation and yoga as proven stress releasers and we’re slowly beginning to adopt some of their techniques. Some Indian cultures have made an art form out of breathing properly to help release the tensions from the body. And stretching and certain forms of exercise have their places too.

There’s not just one path to stress management. Each person has to find their own path. And we all have limitations but many of us have much less limitations than we believe. Learning stress management can really free your being so that you can fulfill your potential.