Dealing With Anxiety – 3 Unusual Methods

Dealing with anxiety is important for many reasons. But the main one is that stress has been shown to be a trigger for many other diseases such as heart problems, hypertension, strokes, and more.

Obviously, if anxiety is a major problem in your life, you should seek help from a psycho therapist or other health professional to help deal with your anxiety disorder. And you definitely should NOT try to self-medicate yourself to get rid of your anxiety. But, there are many ways of dealing with anxiety on your own as well.

Couch Therapy

Dealing WIth Anxiety

The Linden method of dealing with anxiety –
starting with changing your subconscious mind

So called couch therapy has been a favored way of dealing with anxiety attacks for over a hundred years. The common implementation of this method involves talking to a licensed therapist. The therapist can help you to understand the underlying reasons for your anxiety and eventually help you to overcome it.

But, couch therapy can also be the act of simply talking to friends or family who are willing to listen. Often, we feel anxious simply because we are keeping things bottled up inside ourselves. Many people who were feeling stressed out, expressed the feeling of having a great load being lifted from them, once they were able to confide what was bothering them to a third party.

Behavioral Anxiety Therapy

In a way, this way of dealing with anxiety and depression is sort of the reverse of couch therapy. Behavioral anxiety therapy does not seek to have you understand why you are feeling anxious. It doesn’t care. Its aim is to attack the symptoms head on. The way it does this is to make you hyper aware of when the feeling of stress first come into your consciousness. Once your learn to recognize the symptoms of anxiety, this therapy then works on training you to alter your body’s reaction to these symptoms.

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A perfect example of this is behavioral hypnosis. Say, for example, that you are normally anxious when you enter a room full of people you haven’t met. Hypnosis can change your mindset so that rather than having a feeling of anxiousness come over you, instead you experience a feeling of happiness and joy. In other words, the situation is the same, but your body has become trained to react to it totally different.

Vitamin and Nutrient Therapy

There have been many studies that have linked a lack of essential nutrients to elevated stress levels. The way that many dieticians and nutritionists have of dealing with anxiety is to modify your diet so that you are getting more of these essential vitamins and minerals into your body. Dieticians will probably want to modify your diet so that you get these elements into your body naturally. Nutritionists might go either with diet, supplements, or a combination of the two. The theory is that once your body is fully stocked with these mission nutrients, it will automatically relieve some of the anxiety that you are feeling.