Emotional Stress – A Great Cure For It That Anyone Can Use

Over the course of time, emotional stress can have a great influence on your body’s health. Studies already show a link between emotional stress and depression. But emotional stress can also play a role in your physical health.

People under constant emotional stress tend to have less resistance to diseases and illnesses. They have a weakening of their immune system. Conversely, reducing stress enhances the immune system.

Emotional stress also leads to loss of concentration and focus. You become so worried about other events in your life that you constantly find your attention wandering, having to repeatedly ask a speaker to repeat what he has just said and so on.

Emotional stress often has an effect on a person’s weight as well, as many people tend to eat more as they become more anxious. A breakup with your wife or husband can easily send you into a downward emotional spiral causing you to try to drown your sorrows in comfort foods such as ice cream, chocolates, and other caloric heavy delights.

Emotional stress can come from many different sources. It can come from a large scale traumatic event such as a major plane crash just before you’re ready to take a plane trip. Or it can come from smaller and personal events such as the breakup of a relationship or the death of a favorite pet. But it doesn’t matter where the stress comes from, the result is the same, tension and anxiety build up in the body.

One Way To Deal With Emotional Stress

One of the best ways of dealing with emotional stress is to learn and practice the art of meditation. You may feel that you have a type “A” personality that might not respond well to meditation. However, this is all the more reason to give it a try. Meditation has been around for centuries – practiced by Buddhist monks, Eastern mystics, and Indian Swamis. Today it’s practiced not only by new age healers, but also by many medical doctors as a way to reduce not only stress, but also high blood pressure, headaches, and hyper-ventilation.

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There have been many studies that directly reveal the calming effect that proper meditation has on both the mind and the body. Meditation is perfect for giving your body a stress reduction break. Proper meditation also forces you to learn to breath. Many of us practice shallow breathing which does not give our bodies all of the oxygen that it needs. Meditation encourages deep breathing which itself helps to promote relaxation. One reason why the phrase “Slow down and take a deep breath” is more than just an empty proverb. It has a real scientific basis.

Learning to meditate will not only free you from your emotional stressors, it will help to find yourself. Today, many of us are so busy living life and rushing from one appointment to another that we never really find out who we are. Meditation forces us to slow down and gives us the opportunity to have quiet moments with ourselves and rediscover who we really are and what we really value.