How Does Stress Affect Health?

Our culture has much to learn about stress, but even today we know without a doubt, that too much stress impacts your health – mental and physical. But exactly how does stress affect health?

Well for one thing, if you’re a woman, stress makes you fat, at least indirectly – which is bad for your health. To be exact, the bodies of many women when they become stressed out release excess amounts of cortisol. Cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone”, causes and increase in appetite, makes the woman hungry resulting in her eating more food. Additionally, for some reason, Cortisol seems to encourage the body to retain fat.

One little talked about way that stress affects families – especially children. We all to a certain extent are products of our environment. Kids growing up in an overly stressful family environment have a much greater chance of experiencing anxiety as they grow older and into adulthood. And in extreme cases, chronic stress can lead to depression which can cause it’s own share of health related problems.

Some studies have also indicated high levels of stress as contributing to heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. Some physical symptoms directly observed in stress tests have been heart palpitations and hyperventilation. High stress levels is also closely correlated to high blood pressure which can lead to hear attacks and strokes.

Stress also has an effect on the immune system. A body under stress is simply not as efficient as a relaxed body. Stressed out people will usually have more colds and flus than the rest of us because the body’s immune system has been distracted from doing its job by stress reactions occurring throughout the body.

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Stress is considered as being a pattern of disturbing psychological and physiological reactions that occur when an environment or even an internal problem threatens or affects one`s ability to cope. How does stress affect your health? The answer is that it does not affect all of us the same. Stress affects people in a variety of different ways, and in some people can even reach a point where it becomes life threatening.

Stress is perfectly natural in humans. In fact, in some ways it’s just as harmful to have absolutely no stress as it is to have some stress in your life. The most important thing about stress is being able to recognize when it’s happening. Once you identify the source of your stress you can try and remove yourself from it or at least address the situation. Sometimes that’s all that is needed in order to resolve the situation and rid yourself of your stress and anxiety.

Everyone deals with at least a bit of stress in life, and in small doses, stress is even considered as being healthy. Stressors can help to give us increased energy and alertness, and can help to keep us focused on the task at hand. However as the level of stress and pressure caused from this stress becomes too great it will eventually surpass our ability to cope with it in a positive way, and this is when problems arise.