Stress Meditation – Meditation for Stress Relief

Stress meditation is meditation one undertakes to remove the worries of the world from his or her shoulders. Humans have been practicing meditation for stress relief for thousands of years. And stress meditation is just as effective now as it always has been.

One of the main causes of ill health is stress caused by mental worrying. But, so called psychosomatic illnesses often trigger real changes in the human body. It’s been estimated that over 70 percent of all visits to the doctor are triggered by stress.

There are various ways to enter into a meditative state – yoga, deep breathing, visualization, and so on. And when you enter this state, first the mind relaxes, shortly followed by the body relaxing as well. People who use meditation for stress relief find that it has an amazing calming effect. As the mind becomes more calm, it also is able to think more clearly and at a deeper level.

Doctors have long suspected that ongoing stress is a factor in the development of many diseases. It’s been linked to disease and disorders such as depression, high blood pressure, impotence, obesity, stroke, and more. Researchers believe, and their is a mounting body of evidence to back them up, that stress lowers your immune system and makes you susceptible to many of these diseases that your body would otherwise throw off.

As you get more practice at stress meditation, you’ll find that you’re able to enter the state faster and faster until you can almost enter it as will.

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Of course, there are many other ways to manage stress aside from meditation. Many of these ways, however, are harmful to the body, the mind, or both. Many people smoke cigarettes to relieve stress, some chew gum, a great many drink to excess in an attempt to relax. But the biggest tool of choice for stress seems to be drugs – both recreational and prescription.

The nice thing about using meditation for stress relief is that, unlike some of the other choices, meditation is actually good for your body. And it’s relatively inexpensive. You may pay an expert to give you lessons in meditation, or you may rent a meditation DVD, but once those “major” expenses are taken care of, all you need is a quit place, and you’re good to go.

Even though meditation can be practiced by anyone, young and old, healthy and sick, it’s not for everybody. It’s also not a  quick fix to get rid of all your stress. Meditation is a lifestyle change that can let you enter an internal world of peace and calm while the chaos of the outside world is kept at a safe distance away.