The Perfect Stress Reliever Game

The perfect stress reliever game is one that gives your mind something to focus on but, at the same time, doesn’t make you anxious or nervous.

For many people, these games will be mainly mental games. For others, however, physical games may be what relieves their stress.

The following lists are not at all meant to be conclusive. They are merely meant to show the types of games that millions of people play to relieve their own stress levels. If you have favorites of your own, you should, by all means, play them.

Mental Stress Reliever Games

1) Crossword Puzzles – millions of people play crossword puzzles every day. It is the perfect example of a game that both engages the mind and relaxes it at the same time. Crossword puzzles are something you can do almost anywhere – on the train while commuting, at home while watching TV, or at a playground while watching your kids play. It occupies the mind, relieves boredom, and keeps your brain sharp.

2) Solitaire – some people don’t like mental puzzles at all, but they do love card games. Solitaire is a game that you can play by yourself, at your own pace, and – even cheat at – if you are so inclined. It is also a game that you can play on your computer. There are probably hundreds of versions of software solitaire on the net. Just be sure when downloading any game from the Internet to check for viruses.

3) Computer games – there are no shortage of computer games on the Internet. From role playing games that involve possibly thousands of players, to online gambling where you can actually win (or lose) money, to fun games that you download to your computer and play.

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Physical Stress Reliever Games

corssword puzzle1) Video games – ever since their invention, these games have been popular – particularly among teenage boys. Today, you  can find them in theater lobbies, bars, and many stand alone video outlets. Some are so physical that you can actually get a workout while playing them. Others involve nothing more than sitting in a seat and moving a joystick. Regardless of which ones you are attracted to, it’s a good way to blow off steam and relive stress.

2) Sports – one of the best of all ways to relive tension is sports. Not the organized team sports, but the ones you do because you enjoy them. Things like tennis or racquetball with a friend, cross-country or downhill skiing in the snow, or even something as simple as running. Sports are a “twofer” means of relieving stress. First, just the act of playing a sport that you like can put you in a really good mood and relive your stress. And, two, exercising increases the endorphins going to your brain which gives you a feeling of elation.

3) Fishing – this is one of the most popular pastimes in the country. It was practically made for relaxing and getting rid or your worries. You get to be outdoors and commune with nature and all you have to do is to bait your hook and wait for a fish to bite (or not). Plus you are away from all the frenetic activities at home or in the town or city. Many times, just the fact of removing yourself from these stress environments is enough, on its own, to get rid of the stress.

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