Stress Statistics Point To More Instance of “Desk Rage”

According to stress statistics, occupational stress is on the rise in just about ever industry. From service jobs such as help desks, call centers, and even fast food restaurants to truck drivers, doctors, and police officers. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of work you do in society, stress levels are increasing.

It’s important to keep job stress statistics and to monitor job stress for both the company and the individual. A company should be concerned, because stress out workers tend to take off work more. They also tend to make more errors in their jobs. Workers should be concerned because stress has been proven to be a factor in causing or worsening health problems.

Ominous Workplace Stress Statistics

The government and universities have studied workplace stress for years. Here are some interesting stress stats:

  • Approximately 35% of all cases where stress causes a person to miss work occur in service related fields.
  • According to Bureau of Labor (BL) stress statistics, approximately 1 out of 5 stress related cases occur in the retail industry, about 12% of stress related cases occur in the finance and insurance fields.
  • According to the BL, one in every four employees sees their job as the main thing causing stress in their lives – even more than money or family problems.
  • Three out of every four employees think that there is more stress in the workplace than twenty years ago.
  • A study by Yale University reports that 29% of workers feel “quite a bit or extremely stressed at work”
  • 9% of employees have reported stress resulting in violence in their workplace.
  • 50% of American workers have reported “desk rage” – yelling and verbal abuse – at their jobs.
  • If you are suffering from high levels of stress on the job, the chances are that your total health care costs will go up approximately by half.
  • Stress leads to physical violence in approximately 1 out of every 10 workplace environments.
  • Approximately 1 out of every 3 employees say that stress causes them trouble sleeping.
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Stress has many symptoms. It can exert itself in the form of sore or aching muscles, sudden outbursts of anger, or irritability with co-workers. It might manifest itself at night when you have trouble sleeping or at meal times where maybe you have experience a loss of appetite.

The trigger for stress, in many cases, is really a coming together of many workplace forces at once. People in all industries are working more hours today due to layoffs which forces the people left behind to work harder to take up the slack. The employees also work harder to avoid being in the next batch of layoffs.

Workplace stress is not new, it’s been around for a while  But studies continue to show that it’s getting worse by the year. Short term stress usually does no real harm to people, our bodies are set up to handle that. Long term stress, however, can be a real problem. Being in a continual stress out state lowers your immune system making you susceptible to a whole host of health problems.